An Ode to my Inner Shakespeare


Having stumbled across my A Level coursework folder, I discovered this award winning piece I created – an 1,000 word extract from my own Shakespeare style play, written in full iambic pentameter (ie, 10 syllables per line, in a soft-hard syllable pronunciation) with rhyming couplets and Shakespearian grammar. It received full marks and, although now it’s hardly the evening reading I would select, I still find it interesting enough to be worthy of a Sunday afternoon blog post. Enjoy x

Synopsis; The play is based in the 17th Century, in the decade of year 1630 – 20 years after Galileo published his Sidereal Messenger text based on telescopic observations, and 5 years after his first observations through a compound telescope – in the Italian city of Florence. A young couple, named Rose and Anthonye, are brought together by their interest of astronomy. Rose’s wealthy father works as an astronomer, and over the years, Rose has picked up various facts and trivia which she uses to impress Anthonye. Throughout the play, their love grows as they talk about the sky above. By the end of the play, Anthonye’s passion has grown to the extreme, and he decides to leave Florence to broaden his scientific knowledge. This part of the play shows his final farewell, where he thanks Rose for inspiring him towards his future dreams.

Act 3, Scene 4
My Rose, too beautiful to be mine, O!,
With greater splendour than any blossom,
Besides the most exquisite flower thou
Couldst wish for, would seem lonely, empty and
Cold next to thine eyes, of shimmer and shine.
Be soft, but give me leave, as it is with
The utmost sad despair that I am here.

What ho, fair Anthonye, for what reasons?
Thou art in heavy humor, but wherefore?
What tidings dost thou bring to me? I pray
Thee converse, although to say strait do not.
Thou fright me at your onset, but yet I
Ask, prithee; tell my fate, I know thou hold.

My despair how canst thou wot, o’ sweeting?

Why, thou didst paint a despondent facade,
And mine eyes know enough to see that thy
Kind delicate heart in thy chest hast sunk.
My sweet, nothing more than thee I would for,
But a heavy plague upon me I could
Rather endure than to see thou suffer.
And so I pray thee –

– Oh, darling angel!

Sweet Anthonye, oh let me mark thy woe.

An empty life I would so lead should I
Live without thee, and thou didst not love me.
My future life holds but a vacant void.
For us to be united as one soul,
For our two hearts be’th entwined as one,
My blood ignites for thy sweet, tender lips.
To ne’er part them, or fore’er cease to touch,
And together remain but with each life,
Until the isolated grains that form
The sands of time have turned dry and heavy,
As, my sweet Rose, my love for thee will last
Beyond the end of time and life itself.
Corinthians speaks of my body for
Thy almighty Lord –

– What ho! Do not say!

One day, if it is foreseen in the stars,
I so wish to unite myself with thee,
As our Lord so, should I say, inspires?

Anthonye! You speak so dangerously!

But yet, darling love-

– Oh, what tidings now?

O’er a dream of perpetuity,
Entangled together our lives have been.
With each instant, with every utterance
Together my love with starlight passion
Didst grow and expand, but, with that, ideas
Were woven and embroidered to a dream
Of finest silk, yet lacking next to thee,
With threads of hope, yarns of inspiration,
The tapestry of my future I see.
But I must expand and I shall create.
For thou inspired and I didst dream,
The heavens spread above us, a hanging
In itself, such as my love, it is too
An infinite and timeless existence.
Surrounded by the cosmos that we so
Ador’st, I must, I must explore it all.
I would so for my knowledge to be as
On-going as the very stars themselves.
And for that, oh sweet and beautiful Rose,
I must take my leave.

Always, thou woo me.
To comprehend thou will, aye, wot I must.
To attend thee and to give my counsel
I shalt do, every life I promise with,
To love thee, yet my humour stays poignant.
Alack, brave sweeting, I shalt not deny;
I would to love thee, simply forever.
Thou privy; often a slumber glides by,
Filled so with the same threads and the same
To weave future dreams of my very own.
My tapestry shows me as a maid not,
But instead, as the lady of your house,
The needle to sew all your future threads.
With stars our own, and building our orbits,
And haply, as my noble father so
Often converses, our daughter so named
Young Bellatrix, the same star inspired,
Of one the brightest and most powerful,
To taketh after her own, proud father.
Instead, an heir, a handsome and young boy
The name Atair, so even brighter than
The other, flicker our lives. Both, as beads,
Or diamonds, added to the tapestry.
Alas, Anthonye, yet foe thou art not.
I would thee success for each desire.
My father agrees withal, and wouldeth
You great with hap, support your grand venture.
I shall give leave, still thou will fill my dreams.
So fare thee well, my love, against for when.
I only hope these threads soon cross again.

O! But, my sweet Rose-

– Be gone, Anthonye.
This pain is more real than I ever knew.

I pray thee just for one more moment still.
I would to thank thee for thou everything.
And to thou father, for his wisdom and
Knowledge has moved me beyond any path.
My return will have me a grown, wealthy
And noble man, outgrown of rogue status,
Whence we shall marry, as for then, a more
Of fitting husband I shall make for thee.
Until that sweet day, I must leave hither,
I thank thee, Rose, for accepting my shrift.
Not one day shalt pass when thou is not mine,
For Rose, I shall love thee until the end of time.

I hope thou dreams and passions lead thou far,
But you will always be my brightest star.

Exeunt Anthonye.

My Anthonye hath left me so forlorn,
A mere maiden of woe and humor sad.
Wot I must stay soft and patient for him.
I am a lonely girl, who did succumb
To his woo, to his thoughts and to his heart,
And so the guilty fault is only mine.
I would so to be his only darling,
And I must resolve to be his, always.
To be true, he is mine, and I am his,
At least I wish for it to be so true.
Anthonye may learn, study the many stars,
Discover new worlds and orbiting moons,
Yet he is my only star, orbiting
Around my lonely, sad and selfish world.
I wish that, withal to his growing mind,
I was the star he endeavoured to find.

Exeunt Rose.


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