5 Reasons to Get the F*** off Facebook

05-facebookGet the fuck off Facebook.

Yes, all of you.

Whether you have 50 friends or 500 friends, whether you FarmVille or Candy Crush, whether you’re single or “It’s Complicated”, get the fuck off Facebook. Having grown up with the website, and being in the midst of the teenage epidemic we’re faced with today, my views on the social platform are nothing but misery.

1) In My Opinion…

The main problem Facebook has is the easily available option for comment – the fact you’re encouraged to add your tuppence worth to anyone’s current views. By posting a status, you’re opening yourself up to accepting comments, criticism, and communicative debate. Yes, discussion is great, encouraging different points of view is perhaps needed in today’s one dimensional world, but given the digital prowess that is so infinitely lacking from this olden platform of social media, I’m not entirely sure the world of Facebook is where it should be happening. This is why you should be more than careful about who you decide to let get the Latest News about your life, because…

“If you leave the smallest corner of your head vacant for a moment, other people’s opinions will rush in from all quarters” – George Bernard Shaw

2) The Community of “Friends”Facebook-Dislike

Since 2004, when that big blue F burst into onto our computer screens, the site has grown to a value of $80 billion, with a monthly active traffic of 1.2 billion users. That’s a lot of opportunity for friendship, right?

What started as a revolutionary concept at bringing together the social paths of your life, the community into the heart of your home, the communication of everyday presented to you on one handy to reach internet page, has developed into a prison of forced connections and infected input onto what should be a young and inspirational group of socialites. Half of the arguments I endure, almost all of the bitchiness I witness, every gossipy discussion I am subject to entertain, comes under the influence of the big F.

By uploading your life onto one handily viewable platform, all you dearest friends, and your worst enemies, can see everything they want with minimal effort. This can very lead to…

“One of the reasons why we are still enjoying Facebook is because Facebook upgrades it’s services everyday. They keep looking for creative ways to keep us glued to this program. Bottom line: When last did you upgrade yourself? Do people around you still enjoy you?”

3) The Everyday Stalking

a-stalking-vs-investigatingAll this handily collated trivia makes it far too easy to indulge in anonymous evilness, far away stalking and a mild sense of ownership that you have the power to see their everyday whereabouts when they’re foolish enough to leave their Location services turned on.

Facebook Stalking is any sane person’s ultimate downfall. Everyone does it, whether it’s a harmless scroll through a new friend, checking out your ‘blind’ date before the big meet up, or the regular check up of your ex and her new boyfriend that haunts you at all hours of the night, this is becoming an almost daily occurrence that is ruining the ideas of friendship, love, and down right sanity. And, with stalking comes…

“I think the very word stalking implies that you’re not supposed to like it. Otherwise, it would be called ‘fluffy harmless observation time’.”


facebook-jokes-addict-pinoy-funny-jokes-photosWhat you broadcast on the internet is the highlight reel. What you post to the likes of Facebook is your best bits, the stuff you wanna show off about, the incredibly censored and edited version of your life. Yet we obsess and fuss over other people’s lives, convincing ourself that everyone is happier and more exciting than us. Depression in teenagers is now at an all time high because people feel their lives are miserable compared to everyone else, when we all know that any sane person will hide the real dramas of their live off of their internet platform.

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.” 

5) “In A Relationship”

Facebook has also added to the wonderland of love, now being the cause of over 20% of American divorces. That new girl at the office you added last week, the photo of you standing too close to a guy at a bar, the ex that comments on your new profile picture saying how damn good you’re looking nowadays – it’s a hotbed for insecurities and relationship problems. The big FBO debate, the Shall I Shan’t I of coupley photos, who you should and shouldn’t befriend – long gone are the days where you go out for dinner, give each other a call and continue along your pursuit of love. This is made even worse with angry partners who insist on posting constant indirects and not-so-subtle comments about whatever it is you’ve done wrong this time. Stop whinging about each other on the internet – do you really want to publicise your dramas to the same bitchy friends who are desperately waiting to hear all about your failings?

“The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook.” 


So get off of Facebook. Stop stalking your ex’s. Stop staring at pictures of your enemies from school. Just stop all of it. If you must slave your days way on social media, try Twitter, where no one cares what you have to say and everyone just talks to themselves. Go and talk to your friends in real life. Just go and be.

I shall leave you with an inspiring video that “was doing the round” a few months back, and sums up everything I could say in a beautifully lyrical beat poem.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Get the F*** off Facebook

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  1. Great post and I pretty much agree with all of it. But until there is a better way I need it to passively keep in touch (and keep tabs on) all my friends, family and acquaintances. Plus I like to see their pictures. But other than that I agree with you. I plan on spending much less time there and much more in the WordPress community which I just rediscovered yesterday. I’m really enjoying reading so many bloggers personal posts which is much more rewarding than the junk that is usually found in Facebook.

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