50 Ridiculous Things Women Think When They Think They’ve Found “The One”


It’s always said there’s no definitive guide to finding the one – one day, you’ll “just know”. Whether that’s on the first date, after 6 months of cuddling or one random evening when sat on the sofa laughing over the same crappy TV show, the moment when you realise he’s “the one” can be life changing… well, at least in our own little heads.

So naturally, here are 50 ridiculous questions that all women ask themselves when they realise that this isn’t just another weekend shag, but this could be the Prince Charming of our wildest dreams.

(Cue number one article to freak out Mr Becky. Hey babe. Roll with me here.)


1. What happens now?

2. Do I deserve to be this happy?

3. Do I deserve him?

4. What have I done to allow myself to find The One?

5. Does he feel the same?

6. When can we plan the wedding?

7. What kind of wedding will we have?

8. When will he propose?

9. Will he propose?

10. Does he want to marry me?

11. Is he asking himself these same questions?

12. Does he talk about me to his friends?

13. How does my name sound with his surname?

14. What will my new signature be?

15. Will we live at his house or mine?

16. Where will we relocate to?

17. Where will we spend Christmas?

18. Will we move elsewhere?

19. Will he wants kids?

20. Do I want kids?

21. I bet he makes a good father?

22. How many kids will we have?

23. How old will we be when we settle down?

24. Shall I bother changing my Facebook status?

25. How many times a day can I get away with talking about him to my friends?

26. Can I upload another coupley selfie?

27. Why is nobody liking my coupley selfie?

28. What should we do for dinner tonight?

29. Will he be impressed if I cook something fancy?

30. Will he care if I cook something crap?

31. Can we go to bed yet?

32. How long of his programme is left?

33. How many episodes of Dance Moms have I got recorded (cause God knows he’s never let me watch that)?

34. Shall I buy him a present?

35. What shall I get for his birthday (even though I’ve already planned out the next 5 years of birthdays)?

36. Can we have cuddles for the rest of our life?

37. How do I love him so much?

38. Does he love me this much?

39. Does he know I watch him when he’s talking?

40. Does he watch me when I’m doing silly stuff?

41. Have we got any plans for the rest of the week?

42. Do we need any plans for the rest of the week?

43. Is this what the fairytales are all about?

44. Does this mean I can delete Tinder now?

45. Will I ever have sex with someone else?

46. Do I ever want sex with anyone else?

47. Will he still love me when he’s old?

48. Will we really be together forever?

49. Can I be this happy for the rest of my life?

50. Is this happily ever after?

3 thoughts on “50 Ridiculous Things Women Think When They Think They’ve Found “The One”

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  1. I think that thinking 10 steps ahead (aka. What kind of wedding will we have?), is very common. I begrudgingly admit that most of these thoughts have crossed my mind before when I was high on love.

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