Little Victories – Celebrating The Everyday


When David beat Goliath – the small little dude with his stones and the slingshot or whatever the story was – that was a pretty great victory. The little people triumphing over the giants. Snaps for David.

In my life, there aren’t usually many giants that I get to fight with a big stick. For me, the greatest pleasures come from the little victories. Forget Goliath – squishing that mf big ass goliath of a spider is good enough for me.

Finding an unexpected voucher for 20% off your basket of shopping, saving you well over a tenner? Win.

Getting a retweet from someone mildly famous who you genuinely admire? More win.

Making a telephone call that you’ve been dreading for weeks for it actually to go totally okay and you sound like a sophisticated mature adult? Ultimate win.

I personally find the most satisfaction in achieving things you didn’t think you could. Whether that’s something trivial like being able to take an hours spin class without vomiting, or a bit more sophisticated like booking that once-in-a-lifetime holiday and jet setting off by yourself, I always find it inspiring that I can do stuff not even I thought I could.

“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” – John F. Kennedy

Photo 28-01-2015 13 33 15During a recent visit to Munich, I was left to explore while Mr Becky did work stuff. This meant negotiating the big scary Germany city by myself – even better when you don’t speak a word of the language.

But I got my laptop and I found a Starbucks and I found the train station and I bought a ticket and I ended up comfy cosy with a coffee and a brezelsnack (a filled cheesy pretzel thing, ie the tastiest German snack.) And I’ll totally admit that I was genuinely proud to have made it. A little victory.

A few days later, after exploring and trekking up mountains and going on busses and taking photos, I went and spent the afternoon sat by myself in a Hard Rock (genuine Germanness at its very best) with cocktails and food and music and the nicest waiter ever, and had simply the best time. Some of my friends would mock me profusely for going out to dinner by myself but genuinely it’s the best because you get all the personal enjoyment that a solo trip to McDonalds gives you, but with the sophistication and prowess of Friday night dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to say that there are plenty of big victories in my life – booking a month long trip to America, skydiving at 12,000ft, writing for my favourite online magazines – but in day to day living, I think we need to celebrate our own little achievements more often.

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.” – Malcolm Forbes

We learn new things everyday. We do exciting things and face new challenges on such a regular basis that we don’t realise how awesome we are. We need to enjoy the simple things, enjoy our own successes and celebrate the truth that we do amazing things everyday – even if that’s just being strong willed enough to buy a coffee without your regular morning pastry.

What are your little victories? What makes you proud on a regular Wednesday afternoon? Leave a comment or go tweet me and tell me why you’re awesome. x

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