Elite Daily – Why It’s Okay To Enjoy The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Phenomenon

  So I loved Fifty Shades of Grey. The books, the movie, the hype surrounding it - I am Pro millionaires and their sex dungeons. Yet the internet is full of reviews from people who haven't read the books or haven't seen the film and still categorically hate the concept. So here is a little... Continue Reading →

Little Victories – Celebrating The Everyday

When David beat Goliath - the small little dude with his stones and the slingshot or whatever the story was - that was a pretty great victory. The little people triumphing over the giants. Snaps for David. In my life, there aren’t usually many giants that I get to fight with a big stick. For... Continue Reading →

Is This A Man’s World?

We, as women, spend most of our lives trying to impress men. Whether that’s through our outfit selections, our efforts in the gym, our new haircuts and top range of makeup, somewhere and somehow there’s always the underlying efforts to appeal to the opposite gender. I know I’m just as bad at it myself; I’m... Continue Reading →

Sight But No Vision

The day I came home from my first Specsavers appointment, in complete denial about the fact I had to compromise my cool factor even further by admitting to my blindness, pair of mock-designer spectacles in hand, and placed them upon my nose, I looked outside - my, what a world I’d been missing. "The only... Continue Reading →

The Great British Bex Off

There are few things in life that get me really stressed. One of which is driving - I love the idea of it, sat behind a wheel and screaming round a race track, tyres burning and gears revving, but in the real world of roundabouts and parking fines I struggle to enjoy the everyday commute... Continue Reading →

Something Old or Something New?

"Feminism" is the buzz word that's ruling the internet right now. What women can and can't do. What women should and shouldn't say. How women are being shown and how women are being treated. Of course, anyone who's bothered to read more than The Daily Mail headlines will know this isn't what feminism is all... Continue Reading →

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