The Life of a Filofaxer

Some people are grand, gilded Encyclopaedias, wise in their contents, standing proud upon their solo lectern ready to present to the world, the words pouring over their subjects like a river of gold waiting to be embellished into a diamond ring more beautiful than any seen in shop windows nearby. Others are scrapbooks, scrawny and... Continue Reading →

Totes Bants

Depressingly, it probably says more about me than other people when I am happy to stand here and accept 'the banter' that is now thrown about in everyday conversation. Although I am riddled with my own insecurities, as all of us are, when the hilarious blokes - and I say blokes because it's usually the... Continue Reading →

Welcome!   In typical millenial fashion, Rebecca When I’m Posh compiles personal thoughts, bitching and musings in unapologetic blog form. Grab me on Twitter - there's more of this, just shorter. Happy blogging!  

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