There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Mum - for whenever you next stalk my Twitter and dig this up, I'm sorry. But it makes for a compelling story. When I was, say, 5 or 6, I was at my Nan’s house. I got a placemat to use as a steering wheel, and mimed my mum driving the car, swearing at everyone... Continue Reading →

10 Things Men Should Know Before Living With A Woman

Ahh, you suave romantic men you. You’ve met the woman of your dreams, you’ve fallen head over heels in love, and now you’re keen to make the bold step and ask them to move in with you. It’s a beautiful moment, that will inevitably lead to many a romantic evenings spent in each others company,... Continue Reading →

Is This A Man’s World?

We, as women, spend most of our lives trying to impress men. Whether that’s through our outfit selections, our efforts in the gym, our new haircuts and top range of makeup, somewhere and somehow there’s always the underlying efforts to appeal to the opposite gender. I know I’m just as bad at it myself; I’m... Continue Reading →

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